"Having seen, heard and witnessed 20 different scholars-in-residence, I feel it can be said that some are good while others are better. I know it can be said that you surpass them all. All three presentations were both informative and delightful."
Rabbi Shawn Zell

"Ï want to thank you for a magnificent weekend...Your Shabbat with us here...was a real highlight of our year. People were thoroughly enchanted with your engaging presentations. We loved your chanting on Shabbat morning and found it deeply inspiring."
Rabbi Wayne Franklin

Scholar–in–Residence Weekend

Through the vivid prism of her family’s story, Rahel Musleah introduces the distinctive heritage of the Jews of India. The seventh generation of a Calcutta family with roots in Baghdad, she shares her rare and intimate knowledge of this ancient community's history, customs and melodies.

Create a weekend that will appeal to all ages:
An unforgettable tapestry of heritage and culture


Friday Night
Jewish Calcutta Through Music and Memory
A fascinating personal journey mirrors the story of Calcutta's Jews with humor, poignancy and song.

Shabbat Morning
An intriguing medley of ancient texts, distinctive Shabbat rituals, customs and liturgy.
Rahel can lead much of the service and chant Torah and haftarah in the Baghdadi-Indian nusah and tropes.

Shabbat Lunch
From Shipwrecks to Maharajas: The Jews of Bombay and Cochin
A saga of lost tribes, shipwrecks and remote villages traces India's oldest Jewish communities.

Motzaei Shabbat (Saturday night)
Motzaei (Shabbat) Masala
Extend the fragrant spice of Shabbat with a melaveh malkah featuring music, stories and slides.

Many other fascinating topics are available; see full program list for more options.

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