School Programs

"The comments we have heard boil down to 'Wow!' You were able to go from the smallest Sunday school children to the older Hebrew school students to the knowledge and curiosity of the adult audience to the diversity of the day school children and young adults."
Sharla Kanovsky,
Congregation Beth El, Cherry Hill, NJ

"You demonstrated a wonderful rapport with children. Your stories were so special and your soft yet enthusiastic descriptions of your family and culture really connected with our families."
Marcie Aiuvalasit
Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester

Explore the diversity of the Jewish people

For many Jewish communities around the world, celebrating Judaism does not mean latkes and hamentaschen. Introduce your students to the traditions, songs, customs, history and stories of the Sephardic, Mizrahi and Oriental communities, a rich heritage little known to most.

Programs for all ages, family education and teacher workshops.

Jews in Calcutta? Is that Near Kalamazoo?
An engaging slide and story presentation based on personal memories.

From Shipwrecks to Maharajas: The Jews of Bombay and Cochin
The saga of lost tribes, shipwrecks and remote villages: an Indian-Jewish take on "Survivor."

Rice on Pesah and Lots More
An introduction to the distinctive heritage of the Jews of India, with a special Passover focus.
Multi-media program for children, adults or families.
Optional: Create a seder plate with the traditional Iraqi-Indian foods to taste and enjoy!

From Apples to Pomegranates
Date the new year with a Rosh Hashanah “seder” ritual shared by Sephardic communities the world over. An introduction to the distinctive heritage of the Jews of India, followed by foods and blessings for the New Year.

Torahs and Teapots: Holiday and Shabbat Customs
Games, songs, stories and activities highlight the similarities and differences in Shabbat and holiday customs. For young children.

A Persian Purim
A "visit" to the "tombs" of Esther and Mordecai in Hamadan, Iran.

Havdalah: Endings, Beginnings and Blessings
Share the blessings of Jewish identity, heritage and family. Stories and songs of Elijah and more.

Many other fascinating topics are available; see full program list for more options.

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