Reviews of Why On This Night

"Musleah and August offer a stop-and-take-notice version of the book used to lead families through the seder... The vibrant writing and artistic creativity of this memorable collection vitalize an ancient Jewish tradition for contemporary children."
Booklist, starred review

"An impressive, comprehensive haggadah..."
Publishers Weekly

"Those looking to enrich their celebration may welcome a guide that empowers children to take a leading role in the practice of their faith."
Horn Book

"I just got your Passover haggadah out of the library and it’s so good. It should be the basis of all Passover curricula at Hebrew schools all over the nation."
Donna Lefkowitz
Teacher, Temple Israel of Great Neck

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Why On This Night? A Passover Haggadah for Family Celebration

by Rahel Musleah
Illustrated by Louise August
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers/Aladdin Paperbacks
ISBN:0-689-81356-2 (hc) / ISBN: 0-689-83313-X (pb)
Price: $24.95 (hc) / $12.99 (pb)
Pub. Date: February 2000
Ages: 6-10
The story of the Israelites' journey from slavery to freedom is one that families have been telling at Passover for generations. Now, this distinctive haggadah brings the Exodus story to life by inviting children to participate in every step of the seder. Filled with songs, plays, poems and activities, it takes children beyond the four questions and the search for the afikoman. In lively, accessible language, Rahel Musleah explains holiday symbols and traditions, poses thought-provoking questions, and helps families apply the lessons of Passover to their own lives. Vibrantly illustrated with linoleum-cut paintings by Louise August, this is a treasure that families will return to year after year.

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