Jewish Food

A Feast in Song
Food is essential in Jewish tradition!
Take a Jewish culinary journey around the world:

Explore the food and food customs of Jewish communities from Poland to India.
Learn about hallah and hamin (Sephardic cholent),
manna and matza, potatoes and pilaf, and much, much more.
Listen to songs that feature food sung in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino, for occasions from Shabbat and holidays to ordinary days.

Awafi: A Calcutta Feast in Song
The powerful intersection of music and food evokes a delicious taste of the Calcutta Jewish community. Optional cooking demonstration.

Many other fascinating topics are available; see full program list for more options.

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What you do is very important...Jews tend to live in a `bagel world’ not fully understanding and appreciating the Jewish world outside of Ashkenazim...
Avrum Ashery, Visual Communications Adviser to the U.S. Congress